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Aset Wellness Healing offers workshops for individual participation and for companies, institutes, fairs, festivals and other festivities ;  we usually present these workshops in Dutch and English.

On request we can present these workshops at any suitable location ;  it is also possible to present the workshops in French or German.

Energy workshops :
  Energy in Motion   Experience the flow of energy within your body
  Energy Balancing   Experience togetherness : our connection to the environment
  Return to your Foundation   Find the source of your basic energy
  Feel the Energy   Introduction to energetic consciousness
Vedic Art and Intuitive Painting :
  Intuitive Painting   Let your feelings guide your painting
  Introduction to Vedic Art   Start the journey : experience who you are
  Vedic Art   Let the seed hidden in you germinate
Massage workshops :
  Chair massage   Relax with chair massage
  Foot massage   The meridian system extends energy through your whole body
  Hand massage   Make contact using hand massage
  Massage   Experience the power of touching
  Table massage   Manual massage on the massage table
Other workshops and activities :
  Energy & Intuition   We share our energetic and intuitive experiences
  Mindfulness & Meditation   Combine your mental and intuitive skills
Aset Wellness Healing also is engaged in incidental activities.

Exhibition Hoogendamme :
October till February Hoogendamme (Oostburg) offers Jolande the opportunity to exhibit her paintings. If you would like to visit her work, please, contact us in to find out what we can arrange.
Thematic walks :
We organize spiritual, seasonal walks at the first Sunday of every quarter. These walks usually take place in Vlaanderen :   Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (NL), Oost-Vlaanderen(B) or West-Vlaanderen(B) ;
see our CALENDAR for the specific dates and locations.
FantaSea Happening :
In June 2018 at Qi-Biotaria near the ferry terminal in Breskens Aset Wellness Healing has presented an introduction to Vedic ArtIntuitive Painting and intuitive living :
a fantastic way of living presented at FantaSea !
Seminar "Voelen en Denken - leven als mens op aarde" :
In April 2018 at Qi-Biotaria Aset Wellness Healing presented a seminar about our live as a human being at this earth :   How do we combine what we feel with what we think . . .
Zin in Zijn fair :
In April 2018 at the Zin in Zijn fair at Qi-Biotaria Aset Wellness Healing offered introductions to massage, self-healing and intuitive living.
Workshop "Feel the Energy" :
In March 2018 Aset Wellness Healing offered the mini-workshop Feel the Energy
at Centrum 't Westlicht in Goes.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) :
Several years Aset Wellness Healing has been present at the "Nationale MS-dag". We offer massages and introduce you to Vedic ArtIntuitive Painting. In celebration of 25 years MS Fonds the "20th Nationale MS-dag 2018" will take place at Sunday November 18th
at the 1931 Congrescentrum, 's-Hertogenbosch. This year the theme is "LIFESTYLE".
Massage for parents of children in Emma Children Hospital (EKZ) :
As volunteers we have offered monthly massage to the parents of these children.

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