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For companies, institutes and festivals Aset Wellness Healing offers several workshops,
e.g. Team Building (see below), and Chair massage.

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In Schols Management & Consultancy we offer Project based Management, Interim Management, Coaching and Consultancy. In consultation we present our workshops and sessions on location in English, Dutch, German or French.


Aset Wellness Healing offers individual Guidance & Coaching.
We also provide group sessions, e.g. Mindfulness & Meditation and Team Building, see below.

Management & Consultancy

Aset Wellness Healing offers in Schols Management & Consultancy management consultancy to companies and projects. We also offer management coaching and people management consultancy.
Furthermore, for complex trajectories we offer project management and interim management.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Aset Wellness Healing offers workshops Mindfulness & Meditation for groups up to 20 participants.

Chair massage

Aset Wellness Healing provides Chair massage on location for at least 8 participants.

Team Building

Nowadays teams consist of people with varying skills and cultural roots. In order to achieve an effective cooperation teams have to communicate both at the intuitive and the intellectual level.
We offer a 4-day workshop "Intuitive Team Building" at any suitable location for teams consisting of 6-8 persons.

Workshops Massage workshop

We offer massage workshops for groups up to 50 participants. The participants experience the power of touching. An increase of respect for each other evolves. A more effective cooperation results.

version :   January 6th, 2022.

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