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Jolande and Huub have presented our vision with respect to "Holistic Massage Therapy" ; we also stress the importance of conscientisation for clients. This was broadcasted in LifestyleXperience (RTL4 & RTL5: a production by Eye Media Television).
    During the broadcast we present an exercise to help you relax :
at home you can join us in this exercise.

This video can be viewed at a computer or laptop. Most mobile devices are not able yet to play this video.

Vedic Art

Now Aset Wellness Healing offers the workshop Vedic Art in Oostburg or at your premises. De foundation course has 22 hours :  Jolande presents this workshop in sessions of 5 days, 8 evenings
or 2 weekends.

It also is possible to attend a one day introduction to Vedic Art :
        Start the journey : experience who you are

To refresh your knowledge of Vedic Art you can enter the programme half-term.
See our CALENDAR for the scheduled dates of the workshop.

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version :   October 2nd, 2019.

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