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In addition to individual therapeutic sessions, cf. Healing & Therapy, Aset Wellness Healing offers energetic workshops :
Energy in Motion
Feel the energy moving within yourself and through your surroundings. Emotions move like water within our body, flexible and shapeless. Our body structure provides a more or less firm shape for these emotions. In this workshop you learn how to put your energy in motion. Energy in Motion makes you change :  personal space emerges. It enables you to have an open approach to your surroundings.
Energy Balancing
Deep inside we experience a connection: to oneself, to the people around us, to the wild life, to the whole universe. This connection consists of energy; in this way everyone has a connection to the Cosmic Energy. Sometimes the connection fails, we are stressed, we don't feel good. In this workshop we invite you to experience how it feels to be connected to yourself. And the path towards the connecting energy will be revealed. In this workshop we treat the four elements Ground (Earth), Water, Fire and Air. You will experience how to connect from your body using the four corresponding chakras :
Earth : experience the right to HAVE
Water : experience the right to FEEL
Fire : experience the right to ACT
Air : experience the right to LOVE
In the workshop Energy Balancing you get acquainted with yourself and the energy.
Return to your Foundation
Who are you ? What is your basic-energy ? What is grounding ? Connect to the earth. Feel at home at this planet. By doing so you take care of your health. In the workshop Return to your Foundation you will experience how to bring your energy and attention to your foundation. Show who you are. Use this source of energy to act.
Feel the Energy
In this short workshop Feel the Energy we introduce you to your energetic consciousness. Experience being connected to yourself. Make the first step towards the connecting energy. You will experience how to connect from your body using the chakras. In the full workshop Energy Balancing we treat this extensively.

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