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Aset Wellness Healing offers relaxation through chair massage : you grant yourself time to relax ; chair massage offers physical and mental relaxation ; experience the effect of paying attention to your inner self. You become conscience of hidden tension and you learn how to release this.

Massage is stimulating. It takes just a few sessions to experience that you get energized : e.g. decreased muscle problems, improved concentration, increased immune system. Through the energetic meridian lines you experience the positive effect on organs and tissues.

Chair massage is an easy approachable form of massage. During 15 minutes, on location, over clothing, the first phase of our chair massage offers relaxation. Next one experiences the stimulation which yields mental and physical energy. Chair massagetakes place on top of clothing.

We also offer Chair massage on location to companies, institutes, fairs, festivals and other festivities.

Aset Wellness Healing has joined the Dutch professional association Beroepsvereniging voor Stoelmasseurs.


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Although we obtain good and sometimes even spectacular results with self-healing and guidance sessions, we are not able to promise nor guarantee such results. No medical diagnoses are made nor medical treatment is performed.
Clients are entirely responsible for their medical care. Treatment does NOT substitute consultancy of family doctor, physician nor specialist.

version :   January 6th, 2019.

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